What is recommend to see in Kentucky, USA

This state is popular with black currant, while the most popular drink is milk. Iroquois word “kenhtake”, which is translated as prairie or meadow. Due to bluegrass, which is growing almost everywhere, the state got the informal name of bluegrass state. Furthermore, Kentucky is divided into five areas, one of which is called Bluegrass Region. It is noteworthy that it in Kentucky where famous song “Happy Birthday to you” was born. Most likely, there are no men who do not know this birthday song.

What do we recommend to see in Kentucky?

Particularly the most interesting events in Kentucky are numerous shows, exhibitions, festivals and concerts. Not everyone knows that the best US racehorses are bred in Kentucky, so the holiday Kentucky Derby Festival is also held here. Also, Kentucky is home to the most celebrities, for example, a famous actor Johnny Depp was born here. An interesting place is the largest karst cave – Mammoth Cave, which was founded in 1799. Inside the cave stalagmites and stalactites decorate the interior walls. In 1936 the Mammoth Cave received the status of the National Park.

Many cult personalities were born in Kentucky, for example, the famous George Clooney and boxer Muhammad Ali were born in this place. By the way, the true native of Kentucky Johnny Depp held the holiday Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, which is certainly worth visiting. Kentucky is known for its interesting places and events. People come here to see how true horses are bred, or just to walk around the local park. Also there are a lot of clubs and discos on various subjects in the large cities, so you will not be bored.

Cities of Kentucky

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, however, the largest city is Louisville. It is home to more than 550 thousand people. And the second place belongs to Lexington, where the number of inhabitants reaches about 300 thousand people. The administrative center of Kentucky is certainly Frankfort, which is situated on the river Kentucky.

Developed metropolis is the city of Louisville, where a large numbers of people live. In the life of this city all areas of human activity are extended, and it has seven sister cities. It is noteworthy that one of them is Russian city. Legsington was founded in 1775, there lived tribes engaged in the tobacco industry and horse breeding. Later here was opened a private university.

Louisville is proud of its numerous city parks. But a special place for tourists is called the Cherokee Park. It is curious that the first chewing gum appeared in Louisville. The most famous attraction of this region is the Old Louisville. In the city of Bardstown a popular kind of whiskey is produced – it is bourbon, which is called the unofficial symbol of the country.

Kentucky whiskey

The drink Bourbon first appeared in the state, during the relocation of the Irish and the Scots, who knew the technology of manufacturing of the traditional whiskey. Kentucky bourbon is the unofficial symbol of the whole country, as well as the most famous whiskeys in America. Preacher of the Baptist church Elijah Craig became the first man who withstood the drink in baked barrel, so the whiskey got such an original flavor and a reddish tint. The main ingredient is corn. Whiskey is aged mandatory in burnt oak barrels.