Many people work as producers and sellers of goat meat, especially in Kentucky where the industry is currently booming. However, it’s important for all producers and breeders of goat meat to have a good idea of the future of the industry and what they can expect to see in the next few years. The good news is that goat meat consumption has continued the grow since around 2006. In 2006, approximately 10 million Hispanics, 3 million Muslims, and 6 million others were eating and consuming goat meat regularly. Now, however, over 12 million Hispanics, 4 million Muslims, and 7 million others are eating goat meat regularly, and these numbers are only expected to increase.

However, as the number of goat consumers continues to increase, there is some worry that their won’t be enough goats to go around. In order to keep this from happening, goats are beginning to be imported from other countries, mainly Australia, more and more. Breeders and producers can also help by trying to up their goat production.