Meat Goat Grading In the state of Kentucky, where competition is high to be the best goat breeder or producer, meat goat grading is very strict. Meat goat grading involves examining goats that are to be used for meat very closely and then giving them a grade based on their health and on certain physical characteristics. The better the grade is, the more money the animal will generally sell for and the better reputation the meat producer will have. For a top grade, a goat will need to have a wide, strong chest; a wide flat back, referred to in the industry as a “top;” very muscular rear legs, and a wide base. Goats that receive average grades tend to have moderately muscular rear legs; only slightly wide, flat tops; a chest proportionate to the body; and a moderately wide base. The lowest graded goats, which typically do not sell well or usually end up not being used for meat, have narrow chests; narrow and sharp or bony tops; little to no rear leg muscle; and a narrow base.