Two Kentucky based organizations, the International Boer Goat Association Incorporated (IBGA) and the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) hold several events throughout the year. These events are all very different, but they do have one thing in common: they are all focused on educating the public about Boer goats and, in most cases, on raising money for a good cause.

Events that have been held in the past and that are frequently held by the IBGA include Wilderness Road Open Boer Goat shows, Kentucky Goat Producers’ Association shows, the Kentucky Classic, Meade/Breck Goat Producers Association shows, the Murray State University Boers and Bluegrass Weekend Festival, the International Boer Goat Association National Show, and the Bluegrass Goat Association Show. While some events are just for fun and to raise money for different organizations, such as 4H, the shows are done with the purpose of showing some of the finest Boer goat and, in some cases, selling them. Likewise, the ABGA hosts many of its own special events. These commonly include their own Kentucky Classic, which features two shows in one day; the Hart of Kentucky Boer Goat Classic, and their own Bluegrass Goat Association. Since this organization is somewhat smaller, the events it hosts on its own tend to be done on a smaller scale as well. However, they are still lots of fun and are great opportunities to learn more about and to see Boer goats. Of course, the events discussed here are just a sampling of all that the IBGA and the ABGA have to offer. Other events that have been hosted in the past include the Tri State Goat Producers Showdown, the KPGA Derby Day Show, the McCracken County Fair Sanctioned IBGA Show, the IGBA show, and more. For current events and event locations, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the individual websites of both the IBGA and the ABGA.