What is an aphrodisiac? An aphrodisiac is a drink or food that will promote erotic urges to get you sexually aroused. Since Roman times, cheeses have been considered to be most potent aphrodisiacs next to Mediterranean oysters. Among the most noted in that category, is goat’s cheese.

People who enjoy eating, tend to enjoy sex. Il maestro, Federico Fellini, once said something to the effect that a man should not trust a woman who doesn’t like to eat because she’s probably lousy in bed. Well, it probably works the other way around, as well. Good foods, good wines and good desserts produce a spectrum of emotions in a person that equal the emotional array experienced during sexual intercourse. If focused right, a perfect meal will undoubtedly be followed by wonderful sex – for food and sex are intrinsically linked.

The satisfaction that you get from aphrodisiac meals is what makes them so popular. You want your senses, your taste buds, your sense of smell, the way a dish looks to get you in the mood for love. When you buy Cialis, or any ED medication for that matter, you know that its effects are cut and dry: You will get an erection if sexually aroused. but where is the emotion? Where is the magic?

Kentucky goat’s cheese is specially stimulating in smell and taste. Goat’s cheese will release explosive amounts of phenylethylamine hormones into your brain, equaling the effects of having sexual intercourse. That is why this cheese is considered to be a magnificent aphrodisiac.

Goat’s cheese is a a perfect ingredient for veggie, meat and even sweet meals. Just imagine: Sweet leeks, crispy smoked bacon, and creamy goat’s cheese over a bed of risotto, casually interrupted with a sip of a fruity red wine. A meal that is friendly to your wallet, and eventually, to your partner as well.

Or, you might want to impress with an ecologically correct vegetarian dish. Try roasted tomatoes and creamy goat’s cheese pizza, accompanied by a cool, white wine. A sultry dish to make you smile with anticipation.

However, if you just want a little snack before hitting the sack, why not try mild goat’s cheese with plums in lavender syrup and toasted sweet bread with raisins. Also, accompanied by a nice, dry white wine. That is an aphrodisiac to send your taste buds through the roof!

Surprise your partners with a Kentucky goat’s cheese treat, and they will ‘love’ you for it.