Goat FAQ How long have goats been in Kentucky?

Goats have been in Kentucky for several generations, though they are now in the state in much more massive quantities than before. Some goats, however, are new to Kentucky, such as the popular Boer and Kilo goats, which are primarily used for meat.

How easy is it to sell Kentucky-raised goat meat?

In recent years, Kentucky-raised goat meat has been selling a lot more steadily than it ever has before. A big part of the reason for this seems to be because of the increase of foreign inhabitants in the United States. About 10% of foreigners living in the United States hail from countries where goat meat is commonly eaten. As such, goat meat is selling much more rapidly. Also, Kentucky has a reputation for producing some of the best goat meat, so its products tend to sell more quickly than those from other states. Is goat meat healthy?

Goat meat is actually very healthy, much more so than most people realize. It is low in fat and in calories and is considered to be even healthier than chicken. It is hoped that in a few years time, goat will be a more commonly eaten meat, used as an alternative to unhealthy red meat.

Who can sell goat meat or become involved in goat production?

The answer to this question is anybody – anybody who is willing to learn about the industry and to devote time and energy to becoming skilled in it. There are many Kentucky-based groups that can help aspiring goat producers to get started or just to learn more about the industry. Searching online for such groups and applying for membership is a good first step. Also, those who know independent goat producers or who are able to get into contact with them are encouraged to talk to these professionals to learn more.