The yearly Kentucky Elite Replacement Doe Sale is held each year. The purpose of the sale is to enable goat producers to sell their replacement does, meaning does that they no longer need or that have already served their purpose for the particular producer. The sale is designed to draw attention to the local attributes of does grown within the state of Kentucky. Obviously, adding in new, healthy breeding does to a pack each year is important to ensure that quality kids are produced. Thus, the second goal of the sale is to enable goat producers to choose does that will increase the value and productivity of their goat packs.

To qualify for the event, does may be registered, non-registered, purebred, full blooded, or crossbred, so long as their origin is known. Bred does must have a known sire breed. Every doe in the sale is required to be between the age of eight months to four years and must have been previously bred, ready to breed, or currently nursing kids. If does are over eighteen months of age, they must have the signs of kidding clearly visible. Any doe that is to be sold at the elite doe sale has to be from the farm of origin or owned by the seller for at least two months before the date of the sale. If a doe has been bred, it must have been owned by the seller at the time of breeding. In order to verify this, sales receipts and some other form of purchase with a date verification are required.

While the above requirements may seem a bit strict, sellers should remember that this is, as the name implies, an “elite” doe sale. As such, the does sold must be of the highest verifiable quality. Other sales do not have such strict rules, but this one is the best and only the best does are acceptable.