KY Proud Breeders Sale Proud Breeders Sales, which are frequently held in Kentucky but also in many other farming and animal breeding states throughout the nation, are special auctions held for breeders and producers of swine, lamb, and various other animals. These sales are not like typical livestock options, because they take only the best of the best animals. Breeders and their livestock must meet certain qualifications in order to participate. This ensures a high quality of animals sold and gives the sales a strong reputation. Breeders Sales can take place anytime and anywhere. However, they are usually held in conjunction with another event, such as a festival, a county or state fair, or a livestock show. Sometimes, the events take place on their own, usually at a large, rented out venue. Breeders and animal producers can find out about sales in advance by subscribing to related newsletters or simply checking the websites of organizations that typically host breeders sales.