Advantages of buying property in Kentucky

If the Americans talk about the best bourbon, the most qualitative tobacco and the fastest horses – they mean Kentucky. These three components annually attract many tourists in Kentucky – connoisseurs of good whiskey, cigars and amateur races.

Kentucky traditionally is known for bourbon – it is produced here, this exceptional variety of American whiskey. Production of high-quality tobacco is the most important sector of the local agriculture.

Another attraction of the state is the annual horse race called “Kentucky Derby”, held in Louisville, the largest city of the state. Horse Racing preceded a two-week festival, which attracts all the tourists and locals.

Plants of Kentucky produce ” Cadillacs “, “Ford”, “Chevrolet” and “Toyota”, and at Fort Knox ,a world-renowned depository of US Treasury is located – the repository of more than 4.5 thousand tons of gold.

The capital of Kentucky is Frankfort, but the hallmark of the state is considered to be Louisville – the largest and most developed city in Kentucky. Along with other major cities such as Owensboro, Lexington-Fayette, Hopkinsville and Bowling Green, Louisville, you can purchase a property in Kentucky for relatively little money.

The average cost of housing in Kentucky is 117 thousand dollars – it is unprecedentedly cheap and beneficial for everyone to buy real estate in the United States. You can also rent a Kentucky real estate. Cost of Kentucky property here is worth about $ 800 a month.

Buying property in Louisville

Louisville is considered to be one of the most unique cities in the South of the US and a cultural center of Kentucky. Here the past and the present are successfully intertwined, as well as old classics and modern pace of life.

Louisville is a highly successful and fast-developing city. This is a significant air transport unit, a center of education and culture. At the disposal of students there are well-known educational institutions: colleges and universities, where they can get a decent education.

In Louisville the famous horse racing “Kentucky Derby” is held – it is the most popular and prestigious horse racing in the territory of the state. The city is considered to be the ancestor of cheeseburgers and chewing gum, and most tasty whiskey produced in the best traditions of the state.

Louisville is a significant tourist center, attracting many tourists each year. In addition, relatively recently it was granted the status of “the most acceptable city for the residence.” This is not surprising, taking into consideration the low prices in Louisville on the background of a sufficiently high level and quality of life. Real estate in Louisville is really cheap. For relatively small amount of money you can buy luxurious property in Louisville.

According to statistics, real estate prices in Kentucky currently are even lower than they were three years ago. Given the fact that during this time the city state grew significantly in economic terms, buying a housing in Kentucky today seems quite rational and promising project. The feasibility of the acquisition of residential and commercial real estate in Kentucky becomes apparent on closer examination of possible options and their costs.

Buying property in Louisville today can be estimated on 86 thousand dollars; rent – $ 600 per month.

House in Covington can be purchased for 80 thousand dollars; rent will cost $ 900 per month.

To buy a house in Lexington you require about 170 thousand dollars; to rent – about $ 800 per month.

Real Estate in Bowling Green is approximately the same as in Lexington: purchase will be about 160 thousand dollars; rent will cost $ 800 per month.